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Have a walk along the former border strip of the GDR and see the Berlin Wall through your iPhone. The realistic appearance and informations related to your place will give you a feeling of the former times in Berlin.

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The Berlin Wall at it’s original placE

Bring history back to life

At the former border strip of the GDR the Berlin Wall relives again at its original place. Jump through the decades and see how the Berlin Wall had changed from a barb wire border to a massive wall of more than 3 m. Impressive watchtowers and soldiers give you an impression of how it feels like to live in area closed by the occupying powers.

Historische Dokumentationen

Historical media related to the location

Gain a deep understanding of history by entering the points of the past and reliving the moments through original photos, videos and audio recordings. Dive into the scenery and feel the soul of a specific place by getting information of history where its originally occurred. Let this history be a memorial or a positive memory for the future.

Our partners

Amongst others the Foundation Berliner Mauer documents history about the Berlin Wall and shared this extensive content with MauAR to help people getting more historical insights.

Brings cultural institutions and creative communities together by working with open digital data. In the annual hackathron MauAR won the award in the category “Most Technical”.

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